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Faith Pizor Donation

Faith and Gordon Pizor were two people with the biggest hearts, greatest vision, unbelievable dedication, boundless energy, determination and grit. The Faith and Gordon Pizor Boathouse stands as an everlasting memorial to these two pioneers who started a program, nationally recognized, which has been a home to thousands of kids over the past 30 years. They attracted a large number of supporters, many of whom served on the WYRA Board over the years, and twisted arms of corporations and foundations to fund the building of the boathouse and support the program. There is no end of the accolades that we can bring to the memory of these two amazing individuals. 
Gordon passed away in 2011 and we lost Faith on April 8, 2021. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be given in Faith’s memory to WYRA. These funds will be used for scholarships, something Faith was passionate about.