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Winter Crew

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.
- Bobby Unser

What once started as a small program to get a few rowers through those lazy winter months has now become a huge opportunity for our athletes to continue their training. We offer a complete fitness program designed to prepare rowers for the busy Spring season. This includes erging, strength, cross-fit and endurance training.  Additionally, on warm days we may be able to go out on the water.

When it comes to Rowing the “Winter” season may be the most important. It allows an athlete to focus both physically and mentally on what they need to do to take themselves to a higher level… to face challenges and overcome them. The Winter program focuses on improving rowing technique and efficiency, as well as developing and building all areas of mental and physical fitness.

In addition to the weekday training sessions, WYRA also provides the opportunity for participating athletes to compete in various indoor ergometer competitions held within our region.

Our winter program will begin Monday, November 27th and run through Friday, February 23rd.

We are offering two types of winter programs:

5 Days per week: Monday – Friday, 3:30 to 6:00 at a cost of $425.00

3 Days per week: for example Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3:30 to 6:00 at a cost of $325.00

As an athletic coach of more than 16 years I have always told my student athletes that "Failing to Prepare is actually Preparing to Fail."

To that end, I encourage all student-athletes who will be rowing in the Spring  to enroll for either the 3 or 5 day a week program in order to properly prepare for the spring season.

Please note that THERE ARE NO SATURDAY practices.

--If you are new to WYRA and did not row in the fall, please fill out the membership form below and return to this page to use the PayPal link and make your payment.  **Registration is not considered complete until both portions have been received.

--If you are a returning WYRA rower, please log in to your WYRA account and make any updates that may be needed. After, please return to this page and submit payment through our PayPal link.


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Winter Crew $425 5 days a week.
Winter Crew $325 3 days a week

Lou Salvadori

Phone: 302-777-4533