Launch with your bow pointing “UPSTREAM” (that is to your right as you stand on the WYRA dock; if you launch from the WRC dock, you would go to your left for the downstream approach to the Start line). Continue upstream—about 20 strokes– to the end of the GREEN LAUNCH AREA markers. With caution, turn and CROSS THE RACE COURSE and head “DOWNSTREAM” to the START.

Keep the ORANGE COURSE MARKERS on your PORT SIDE; do not cross these buoys as they mark the race course. Look out for competitors racing “UPSTREAM” that may be close or over the course markers. Be aware of the pilings, low water areas, and bridge abutments to your right.

Of special note is the low water and pilings on the starboard side in the sweeping turn after the tug boats. Observe the white low water markers, keeping them on your starboard side.

Pass through the starboard channel of the large railroad swinging bridge. Most likely the bridge will be in the open position (no train coming). If on the outside chance, the bridge is closed or starts to swing closed, the height from the bottom of the swinging section is 12′ high at low tide and 6′ at the highest tide.

Stay to PORT of the orange course floats as you pass thru the large arch of the I-495 Bridge. Continue downstream past the green buoyed “starting shoot” and follow the directions of the course marshal who will direct you into correct starting order.


At the direction of the Starter, enter the GREEN MARKERS of the STARTING SHOOT. Move to RACE PACE by time you cross The START LINE just before the I-495 Bridge.

Continue “upstream”, keeping the ORANGE COURSE MARKERS on your PORT –left–SIDE. All racers MUST pass thru the marked main channel of the railroad swing bridge. This keeps you away from the low water on the starboard side upstream of the railroad swing bridge. This low water area is marked with white floats.

The course narrows into the curve at the tugboats, with the current possibly making the course markers hard to spot.

After approximately 2500 meters, keep the GREEN MARKERS to your STARBOARD side. These mark the Return Shoot to the Dock Area. The best line past the Dock Area and through the next two bridges is along the Course Markers at mid channel. After passing under the second of these bridges, the course makes a sharp turn to port. After this turn, the course starts a final 800 meter straight to the finish.The finish line is marked with two large orange floats. After crossing the finish line, keep rowing for about 30 strokes. Don’t just stop or another boat could hit you!

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