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Competitive Rowing


WYRA has provided the link to the State of Delaware Official COVID-19 website:

Friday - 21 May Update:
WYRA is in the process of developing our reopening plans for the Summer. Please stay tuned for additional information and a projected date. As you all realize, this will be dependant on Governor Carney's phased plan for the State. 

Monday - 18 May Update:
WYRA is joining forces with EDiS who is very generously donating to help keep local business and nonprofits afloat during this difficult time. Even better, it's a fun, healthy activity you can do with your family. CLICK on the WYRA and EDiS home page banner to learn more and get involved.

Wednesday - 15 April Update:
As you know approximately four weeks ago, as part of the national response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, we at WYRA decided to close the Boathouse and the Spring 2020 season until such time that it would be safe to resume.  We knew that, had we stayed open, our boathouse could have become a significant threat to our WYRA’s community's health.  But that knowledge did little to assuage the profound disappointment of our action, especially in the face of two weeks of practices full of encouraging enthusiasm.

In the meantime, we've done what we can to keep our rowers training and our organization running smoothly.  Our ergs are available for loan to WYRA rowers and we have shared physical training regimens to minimize the lockdown's disruption to their fitness.  WYRA coaches have been making full use of Zoom conference calls to keep in contact and to ensure no function of WYRA is allowed to default to autopilot.

Right now, trends seem to indicate COVID-19 will not impact having a potential Summer season, allowing US Rowing and clubs like us to plan for a competitive summer.  Once Governor Carney opens our community back up, we will resume training here at the boathouse, taking all necessary precautions. Additionally, we will be sending our athletes to selected domestic regattas that will be offered, including a national championship, and international events, such as the long-running Canadian Henley.

Monday - 6 April: On the Good News Front - The past few days WYRA has been participating in the Rowers Choice March Mania tournament. We had a men’s team and women’s team enter. Each team is composed of four athletes, and they submitted a 2,112 meter erg piece to be seeded. Today the first round results are in. Unfortunately the guys team will not advance. However, our girls team is still in it! They are the “Female Wombat Squad” and the #8 seed in the B bracket. The next round is a 2,500m piece and will be posted on April 9th. Good luck to our girls as they prepare for a tough matchup these next few days!  Here’s the link to the tournament website:

Friday - 27 March: Pursuant to Governor Carney's declaration, WYRA will remain closed until further notice. Please continue to monitor the WYRA website and your email for updates. We are constantly monitoring the situation. PLEASE Stay Safe and Healthy! 

Thursday - 19 March: In an abundance of caution during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wilmington Youth Rowing Association (WYRA) will be suspending our WYRA practices for an additional week, that being the week of 23 March through 28 March. We will continue to update as new information becomes available.  We must take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our WYRA family.

Please note that WYRA will make erg machines available to take home for our WYRA rowers so that they can stay in shape and be ready for our upcoming regattas.

We are continuing to monitor the situation, CDC announcements, USRowing, Row2K, and the regatta websites to ensure we have the most up to date information. At this time the regattas that we are planning to attend, with the exception of the Neczypor, have not cancelled or postponed. Please note that the Steve Neczypor regatta cancellation is unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As mentioned above, WYRA will remain closed for the next week, the week of March 23rd – March 28th.  We will be continuing to reassess the situation and we will be keeping everyone updated via e-mail, Facebook, and our website,


WYRA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that introduces the wonderful sport of rowing to kids ages 10-18 through fun summer camps and in our after school competitive program. We are a composite program made up of  public, private, home schooled and  parochial schools from the Delaware, Maryland, southeastern PA and southern New Jersey areas. Our goal is to promote physical, mental and social wellness in young people of all backgrounds, using the sport of rowing.





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