Family Calendar

To sync your calendar to your personal device, log into WYRA's site, then navigate to the Family Calendar at the top left of the site.

From there, you'll see the full calendar of events for all of your teams or participants, with the option at the top right of the screen to download a Calendar Feed.

Selecting the Calendar Feed will bring you to a menu, where you can follow specific instructions for ensuring you download the Family Calendar to your preferred calendar. Crossbar supports Google, Apple and MS Outlook calendars.


Can you download the Calendar Feed from the mobile app?

Yes, you can navigate to your Family Calendar from the mobile app menu to import the calendar. From Apple Devices the calendar will open in the Apple Calendar; from Android Devices, the calendar will open in Google Calendar.

My family calendar isn't showing any events, how do I make sure my schedule is listed?

If your Family Calendar does not have any events, there could be a few reasons.

  • If you have just gone through registration, your player may not be rostered to a team yet; your organization will likely add your player to a team soon to start scheduling events.
  • If your player is rostered to a team, your organization may not have added events to the calendar yet.

If you do not have a participant associated with your account, you'll need to have the primary account add you to that participant for you to see their team's events on your calendar.

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